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International TC issues (.pdf)

This paper explores localization used in Microsoft® Office© marketing Web sites to identify cultural differences in their presentation. Fifty-four Web sites were analyzed based on a set of culture-based identifier metrics. The metrics were then analyzed to determine their accuracy.

Search Engine Optimization (.pdf)

This paper discusses the most basic methods available to optimize a Web site. More advanced methods for search engine optimization will be touched on in this article, and details are provided in the Appendix. Also included in the appendix are exemplary resources provided at the Web site.

Failure of the 1993 Gore-Chernomyrdin Agreement

An examination of the results following the 1993 agreement which had a significant impact on United States space efforts for the decade that followed.

Evolution of the Online Discourse Community

This paper discusses how online communications have evolved based on the sophistication and availability of Internet tools.

Warning: Ignore references to Freed and Broadhead. This professor tasked us to make those authors relevant to a current topic. I'm sure you'll find it as boring as I did. Enjoy the other bits.