Work Samples

Professional work samples

This section includes examples of work during my professional experience as a Technical Writer. The work includes a user documentation set for Maximo 7, videos to train and promote the MSNIA document portal implementation, functional specifications, documentation plans, operations manual, and a usability report.

Company names and references have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

I am unable to provide samples of work performed while under security, non-disclosure, or confidentiality restrictions without appropriate permissions.

Other work

Includes academic, technical, and non-technical topics such as cultural differences between Microsoft® Office© marketing Web sites; and also search engine optimization.

I also include a 2000 discussion of the history and evolution of how we express ourselves (including emoticons), beginning with ARPANET. This was an academic paper that required us to analyze Internet culture from the context of Freed and Broadhead's "Discourse Communities, Sacred Texts, and Institutional Norms" (May 1987).