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Welcome to the Web site for Susan Kaltenbach. It includes a portfolio of my work, a brief discussion of my personal interests, and my resume.

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Work Samples

Includes papers, professional documents, and video I've produced in my academic and professional careers.


Everyone has their own favorite links. I've tried to keep these to a minimum. They reflect my personal interests, and some may be of interest to you.


Resume most recently updated February 2010.


What is Noon Universe?

Boris and Arkady StrugatskyThe Strugatsky brothers (Boris and Arkady) were very successful Soviet/Russian science fiction authors. Much of their work were set in the 22nd century and shared the same backdrop. Although each of these novels stands on its own merits, they do share a continuity of characters and events. Fans have named this setting the "Noon Universe," from the Strugatsky's Noon: Twenty-Second Century.





Artwork depicting a version of a Soviet lunar lander

Seattle Chapter, National Space Society

Godzilla 1954